What's this design kojo thing anyway?

So you might be wondering, probably not, what this Design Kojo thing is. This page is a quick post to explain exactly that.

Design Kojo is a name I came up with over 10 years ago when setting up a business to focus mainly on digital and web design. Over the years I have done much more from 3D work to marketing to full-stack web development to management and online strategy of start-ups, and marketing of real-estate. I guess you could say jack of all trades and a master of none. Joke aside, with that coming to an end the old Design Kojo is now somewhat finished.

This is a new vision under the old name and maybe more fitting to the Design Kojo name and meaning, kōjō or factory from Japanese. Here I will be adding all my working thoughts and will syndicate to a portfolio site or elsewhere if I feel the work needs a different home. So that's it, design kōjō, a factory of thoughts on by design.

In some following rambling posts, I will cover other interesting information on why this site runs on Drupal, what I plan to do, and when I will release a portfolio or business site. This site though will be focused on exploring tech and in particular front-end development and design. Be sure to sign up to the newsletter to get a mix of design and development news, practical tips and tutorials, my past design and development work from the archives, and spots lights on other awesome designers and developers.

Here's to a bright and exciting future, cheers 🍻