9 - Nice Editing experience & Content Management Experience

Published Sep 30, 2021
Updated Sep 27, 2022
By Simon
Table of contents

Content authoring made easy and customizable

CKEditor is built-in and easily customizable. You can set up restricted text editors with custom text formats based on roles. Only want to give some editors or content managers normal, bold and list options for text areas then set up a custom text format.

ckeditor WYSIWYG with basic text format Drupal
A text editor that only allow lists can be set up to make adding data easier for the user.
drupal full HTML text format with full toolbar ckeditor-5
Full HTML text editor set up using the text formats & editors functionality in the content authoring section of the Drupal backend.

Since Drupal uses CKEditor you can customize it with any of the CK Editor addons. A lot of the addons already have contributed modules so CKEditor is easily customizable.

As I have mentioned in the roles section you can not only provide different editors for different users based on roles, you can also add different types of editors/text formats for every text field.

There are some very basic additions I feel you need to add to a standard Drupal site but these are easy enough to do, you can check my article on that on design kojo or I include them in my basic Drupal starter.