Why Should I Use Drupal?

Published Sep 29, 2021
Updated Oct 14, 2022
By Simon

Drupal: Easy to Customize, Modern Design, Future Proofed.

With so many options out there why Drupal?

It will grow with your business, you can start small and be sure it will be able to cover all your needs. Sure there are other quick solutions out there, too many to name, but Drupal can run blogs, commerce websites, as well as enterprise sites and contrary to popular belief, Drupal is not that hard to learn and maintain so is a good solution for small businesses too.

In this paper, I will outline some reasons why Drupal shines to help you evaluate Drupal as a solution for your business. Read on to find out more.


I have been using Drupal since 2012 and the reasons I have continued to use Drupal is for the ease of customization with the built-in UI tools, its modular architecture allowing for customization, and it keeps getting better out-of-the-box with every release.

a simplified Drupal release timeline showing a selection of feature to illustrate the release cycle
A simplified Drupal release timeline showing a selection of features to illustrate the release cycle and the better out-of-the-box notion.

I have designed, built and managed many successful sites using Drupal. I have migrated sites to Drupal, I have migrated sites between versions of Drupal, so I have a good understanding of its strengths and also its limitations. I have used other CMSs and built static HTML sites to more modern statically generated sites and Drupal is still my go-to solution.

This paper will be based purely on Drupal 9, the latest major release at the time of writing, but brings knowledge from versions Drupal 6, Drupal 7, and Drupal 8 that I feel is worth mentioning.

This article is written for non-technical persons so some of the jargon may not be 100% Drupal or computer science correct but I have tried to simplify the explanations so that you can understand the strengths of the system by using language you may be familiar with. I will however introduce correct terminology so that you also can gain knowledge of how you can refer to certain things in Drupal and in the wider web development world. The idea is to educate and empower, not dumb things down.

Drupal is a content management framework1 (CMF), which can be used as a CMS, which is highly configurable and extendable. It pretty much tickets all the boxes for a framework but also provides all the quick-start features of a CMS. You can build amazing experiences with Drupal at a click of a button or use it as a framework and customize it using well-thought-out structures and APIs, from the theme layer to the database.

I will cover 11 reasons why you should use Drupal and then cover some cons and then other options so that this is not too one-sided. The reasons that follow are not the only reasons but to keep this paper to a sane length I have tried to keep to business reasons. If you have questions regarding something not covered please reach out. I am always happy to discuss whether Drupal is a good option or not for your business.

The reasons covered though will hopefully show you how Drupal can help you build a future-proofed system for a shop, social network, business portal, course, or a combination of the fore-mentioned, a modern online experience.

If you are a developer then I would suggest reading Drupal.org, heading over to my site, downloading my quick start guide or reading some of the books I have listed on my site.
So with that, let's have a look at some reasons to choose Drupal for your project.

1Content management framework (CMF)