Conclusion: The summary of Why Drupal is a Good Solution for your Business

Published Aug 31, 2022
Updated Sep 27, 2022
By Simon

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Even though not the correct solution for every business; through building, maintaining, and managing some complex solutions I can see the benefits and power of Drupal. With the latest Drupal 9 release it has matured and almost everything you need to start a site is included, minus a few must-have projects and other minor enhancements I have already written about. [Link].

Drupal is a future-proof solution but if you decide that it is not your thing after using it for a while, then the API first approach to the architecture means your data can be easily migrated.

One of the reasons to use Drupal is because it is open source and if you do decide to use Drupal you will be deciding not only to use an amazing and accomplished piece of software but you will also support it. You never know you might find that you can give back in the future to help other businesses thrive. One thing for certain is, that if you use Drupal you will be in good company, have a huge community of passionate developers and by using it you are helping.

Drupal at its most basic level is a great solution for any business and with some basic training, you can manage your site successfully. That said, if your business grows, Drupal at its core is ready to grow with you, proven by the fact that many large websites use Drupal.

As said, with the right developer, any platform or system can work. However, using a SAAS you are stuck with its development timeline and roadmap and by using Drupal you have full control over the roadmap of your site as Drupal allows you to modify the core functionality through the well-designed APIs easily and architecture.

So if you are committed to building a business asset that can be used and maintained by an individual and also grows with your business then Drupal is a great choice.

Thanks for reading and be sure to reach out or check some of my offerings.